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Purple Swarovski Crystal & Bead Bracelet


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Grey Wolf Eyes Beaded key-chain


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Metallic Swirl, Blue, Pink and Purple Glass Bead Bracelet Watch


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Earmuff headband - Striped Wool and Fleece


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Revalued Sweatshirt bag - Tiggr "Don't be Redikorus!"


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Bead Mini Clutch Pendant - Soft Pink


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Embroidery, Sewing, Bead work, Gifts, Accessories, and Home Decor

Hello and welcome to BreitWerk - one of many shops on Zibbet! Here you will find my eclectic handi-work. Many unique, One-of-a-Kind items, accessories, crafts, and gifts! Enjoy a mix of art, bead work, jewelry, collectibles, embroidery, sewing and vintage items.
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