Item collection 7086094 original

Perfect Blue Earrings - beveled edge semi-precious stone


Item collection 6717149 original

Cats, Kittens, Meow - Swarovski Crystal and Lampwork bead earrings Yellow and Green


Item collection 6246721 original

Swarovski Crystal and Porcelain Owl Earrings - Green


Item collection 6717116 original

Yellow Owl Earrings - Swarovski Crystal and Hand-painted Porcelain Earrings


Item collection 7086034 original

Elegant or Casual Black Earrings - beveled edge glass and glass bead


Item collection df73e094 14cb 4a4e a6c9 a9c7683cbefe

Horsehead beaded earrings - brown and cream


Item collection d596e860 f52e 429b ad83 b3c1795179bd

Peacock bead bracelet with bronze glass accent beads


Item collection 2939393 original

Berry-licious Beaded Bracelet


Item collection 2932967 original

Dancing Colors Bracelet


Item collection 2932959 original

Lavender Field Celline Style Bracelet


Item collection 2923083 original

Panda Peyote Bracelet


Item collection 3076151 original

Sparkling Memory Wire Beaded Bracelet


Item collection 2940827 original

"Amethyst" & "Peridot" Seed Bead Ring


Item collection 2992911 original

Orange Sparkle Bead Ring


Item collection 2943230 original

Black Widow Seed Bead Ring


Item collection 244c9168 e109 4e6d 9733 2df79a0ab929

Mini Brown Leather Book Necklace with Brass Chain


Item collection 1978611 original

Revalued Necktie / Wool cuff PIF


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